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Welcome to the P4FIFTY Conference ‘Towards P450 Applications’ to be held on 24 to 26 June 2015, at the Bischenberg, Bishoffsheim, near Strasbourg, located on a hill next to the Vosges Mountains and overseeing the river Rhine valley with views up to Strasbourg, the Black Forest, and the Alps. 

This Conference aims to address the challenges on the use of cytochromes P450 in biotechnology. Over recent years it has become apparent that the power of P450s can be recruited for the clean, green chemical synthesis of important intermediates in the bulk chemical, pharmaceutical and agrochemical industries.   P450s are able to catalyse a variety of different reactions on various substrates, performing highly regio- and stereo-selective reactions on complex chemical substrates, which cannot be performed with the same efficiencies using chemical approaches.  However, industrial application of P450s has been frustrated by natural limitations such as low activity, low protein expression and the dependence on auxiliary electron transport proteins for full activity, each of which militate against the scale-up of P450-catalysed reactions.  The conference will focus on the development of new strategies for the improvement of P450 systems, especially for application in the field of terpenoid production.

There will be a closed meeting for the P4FIFTY group starting on the morning of Wed 24 June. 
The Conference will commence on the evening of Wed 24 June with a social event, wine-tasting at a nearby vineyard including dinner, and closes on Fri 26 June with lunch

Keynote Industrial Speakers will include:

Simon Charnock, Prozomix (GB)
Claus Lattemann, Sanofi
Monika Mueller, DSM
Liam Evans, Hypha Discoveries