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Maria M Razalan and Claudia Spandolf, ESRs at the University of York were two of the organizers of an exhibition at ‘YorNight’ the European Researchers Night which is a mega event which takes place every year simultaneously in several hundred cities all over Europe and beyond. It aims to show that research is fun and influences daily life for all of us. YorNight is York’s contribution to this event, hosted by the University of York in partnership with the York Museums Trust.

The exhibition at the YorNight was entitled "Enzyme Discovery: The Quest for a Sustainable Future". Maria and Claudia presented their "P4FIFTY" enzyme discovery project. Through graphs and pictures they showcased the relevance of P450 enzymes in all kingdoms of life, explaining the journey from their first discovery in the '60s with Klingenberg, Garfinkel, Omura & Sato, to their latest applications for medicines production, bioremediation (with our XplA in the spotlight!) as well as for the creation of blue roses and carnations.

The EC-MSCA officer from Brussels was among visitors to the exhibition. They had a very positive and enthusiastic audience, ranging from young kids to passionate elder people who demonstrated a lot of interest and fascination about what P450 enzymes can do in our every-day life and they were thrilled by the RDX-explosive twist!.

P4fifty yornight 2015  P4fifty yornight 2015

P4fifty yornight 2015  P4fifty yornight 2015

P4fifty yornight 2015  P4fifty yornight poster