• To develop a better understanding of P450 enzymes and how they can be applied on a larger scale.
  • To identify novel/improved P450 biocatalysts from a range of sources for use in industrial processes.
  • To use collaborative structural enzymology and directed evolution programs to understand enzyme functions and develop biocatalysts with improved properties.
  • To develop methods to produce, isolate and apply P450s.
  • To develop the next generation of high efficiency fermentation processes for P450-catalysed processes.
  • To develop process technology for the application of P450s.
  • To develop a genuine supradisciplinary approach with biology, plant science, chemistry, biochemistry, process engineering and industry playing equally significant roles.
  • To network on a European level between industry and academia with collaborative relationships that endure after the project has finished.
  • To create libraries of diverse P450s for use across the ITN.
  • To create a database that allows information about these diverse P450s to be shared and used effectively among partners even after the project is completed.

The availability of an "off the shelf" toolbox of well-characterized and stable whole-cell P450 biocatalysts and a searchable database with a description of their application in the synthesis of products specifically identified by industrial partners will stimulate new applications and pave the way for new processes required in the KBBE.