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 Dr Gideon Grogan, PI

YSBL was established in the Department of Chemistry at York in the mid-1970s by Prof. Guy Dodson FRS. The research groups in YSBL develop and use methods to determine, analyse and exploit the structure of proteins and their complexes with other molecules. Examples of YSBL research have led to powerful insights into the biological function of proteins and have found application in both drug discovery and exploitation of enzymes as biocatalysts. Since 2000, YSBL has generated almost £30M in research project funding, maintaining a group that consists of some 65 scientists, including eight principal investigators.

Univeristy of York - YSBL

Gideon Grogan is a Reader in Biochemistry in the YSBL. He completed his Ph.D. at the University of Exeter under the supervision of Andrew Willetts and Stanley Roberts. He subsequently worked as a postdoc in the groups of Nicholas Turner and Sabine Flitsch at the University of Edinburgh before joining the University of York in 2000. His research interests are in the discovery, characterisation and application of novel enzymes and he has published approximately 80 papers in the area as well as a book: 'Practical Biotransformations'. He has also been active in Knowledge Transfer activities in biocatalysis research in the UK, having been Research Director of the Pro-Bio Faraday Partnership and and Science Manager for IB within the Bioscience KTN.